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Now working on:
(DooM II Legacy 3D map)

Other Credits:

Kaiser: Wrote a FS for this level to keep the piranha in the water. Thanks again. :)

Monkey: Midi


Other projects:

Doom Solitaire (finished)

Team Deim TC

Looney Tune Doom II

Level Wads:

Want your Level posted here? Use the graphics from this site in your wad, and I will post it here. I have known Doom_Dude a while, and I ask if I could place his wads here to help kick off this section. Thanks Doom_Dude :)

Levels By: Looney2ner

The Hunted one DM DooM II

The Hunted one SP DooM II

Looney Tune Doom


Levels By: Doom_Dude's (404)

Templecore DM DooM II

Chasmcore DM DooM II

Vilecore 32 levels for DooM II

Latest Level

Lava Pit Temple


(Doom_Dude is curently working on a texture pak for Vilecore)



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