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The history of Doom Wad Station

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a short history of doom wad station!


Doom Wad station began innocently enough on december 5, 1998 as

"Halls of the Damned - Bob's doom and doom2 site". Back then, it was one player's quest to get his maps out to the wider world so that other people could play them. The original site was hosted on a solid 2 meg free page by Aol (yes, I know) @"". needless to say, that site is long gone. it wasn't much  to look at - some pictures and animations - plain black background - not much else. no logo - just a crappy little website where i could share my passion. Click the link to see what the internet archive was able to keep. (Not much)


In 1999, the website became Doom Wad Station - of course, it was much smaller then, but the focus had changed from just putting my own work on display for the world to incorporating the work of others into the site - I expanded onto a now defunct server put up by @ "". didn't last long - they were bought out by nbci and the sites' server name was changed (again) in 2000 to "". In the meantime, the site continued to grow. this was the animation that greeted visitors to the website in 2000:



Hard to believe, but the site was even more crude than it is now. lol

after nbci went down, I moved the site to Newdoom in 2001 (a site which is now itself, defunct). At the time, it was a really good move. lots of space, low cost and people could find the site and this was the logo:



Here's a look - Doom Wad Station circa 2001 on


in 2002, Doom Wad Station was moved to yet another server - this one needless to say - all this  moving around is not good if

you are trying to keep an audience! lol but, once again - another hosting company bought the big one. here is the logo from that website. i actually rather fancied this one



The site moved one more time before i got pissed enough to buy a domain of my own - and it went here:

If you look on - you will notice that it took on a completely different look at the time - i don't remember who developed  it and I really can't say for sure why i didn't keep the appearance except that maybe the next move didn't agree with the setup and I didn't have the skills to maintain it. The website looked like this:



After lycos had a kanipshin because the site was using a ton of space and bandwidth and they unceremoniously told me i had to move it - it went to it's own domain @ "" in 2004. I kept the flaming red logo you see above until 2005 when i turned it over to the new one that i still used until May of 2016 in preparation for Doom 2016. This is the logo that greeted visitsors up to that point.



I decided to change it to it's current version to display the  different marines from the original games to Doom3 - to Doom 4



in 2007, working more than full time and going to school full time, I sold the website to a gentleman in Canada for the nifty sum of $1000. that gentleman then did absolutely nothing with it and ended up  selling it to another gentleman in Hawaii who then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it. in February of 2014, I contacted that gentleman and got his permission to take the site back - but without the domain. so i had to purchase

I had intended to repurchase the old domain - but somehow it got sold to someone else who kept the name and put some other crap on it that has nothing much to do with it and won't respond to my inquiries to purchase it.


It is my goal to keep this website in place basically till long after I'm dead. That is why I ask for the donations - I want to preserve all the information on this website into the foreseeable future and then some. So please, feel free to donate to help me achieve that goal. I would love to see Doom Wad Station standing strong 100 years from now - even if it's actually my great great grand children that are seeing it, and not me.


And that is where the site is after 18+, a half a dozen servers and a community that keeps on supporting what i want to do here - which is make the most complete doom related website on the internet - I honestly don't believe you can find a site dedicated to doom and the id software universe that can offer you more in one place than Doom Wad Station can. enjoy. it's on me. :-)


P.S. - I know the site is ugly and web 1.0 and all of that but I do everything on the site myself as far as the html goes and I've "tried" to make it better - the last big change was the CSS menu system that you will find on all the main pages, the pages for my maps and some of the newer review pages. The rest is basically a testament to the history of the website. For the reviews I have to thank Blue Paladin and Zorah for assisting me by doing some of them). Vinny was kind enough to dig through the voluminous new content of the Doom Universe to provide me with the Content for This Week in Doom (thanks Vinny) but has since late in 2016 been unable to do so. If anyone is interested in picking up where he left off, please feel free to use any of the email links on the site to contact me.

 I don't know html - but i tried to pick up enough to put this little chunk of digital history on the global vastness of the internet. so try to be kind. :-)



















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