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Here is the "team" that put this whole thing together. I use the team loosely because we're more of a loose knit group of Doom maniacs with our own special interests and abilities who happen to be putting this together. So, without further ado:

Bob Larkin, a.k.a. Sematary or Vic (on icq). I am 41 years old (now 52 and counting as of the date of this writing (Feb, 2, 2014) and have been playing Doom since it first came out. I began developing my own wads about 1996 or so because I was tired of buying cd's that had sucky levels on them. After my first couple of wads were done, I started my own website on Aol and from there was born Doom Wad Station. My interest and talents lie in wad development. My main job in this is putting the levels together and/or changing textures, etc.. in wads which already exist but haven't been played much.

Jeremy Stepp - I don't believe he has an alias. If he does he hasn't told me. Anyway, Jeremy is the main man behind the texture, sprite changes for the Hellraiser wad. He has done the lions share of the work with a little help from Wolfy. Jeremy has been behind the scenes while I push this tc on Doom Wad Station, offering suggestions while I work on the level and working tirelessly to get the main graphics, sprite wad finished - more work than you can imagine. Jeremy dabbles in Art, science, and philosophy as well as making wads although that's not his big thing. Check his site out for tons of tc's!

Wes Burd, a.k.a. Wolfy. Wes is contributing many wads to the final tc, including levels 4, 5 and 6 which have now been completed. Wes has a huge interest in classic records and Doom2. Wes is a Doom2 level developer Extrordinaire. He has released tons of wads over the last couple of years which I have been proud to post on Doom Wad Station.

Kent Carson - a.k.a. Looney2ner. Kent is a graphics master! If you haven't seen his tc Looney Tune Doom - then maybe now is the time. While Kent hasn't contributed anything graphically to this point in the tc, he has offered invaluable technical assistance which has made the whole thing possible. For that I thank him profusely! :) He is also assisting me with the development of the Hellraiser site because that is something else which he excels in but something I have no clue about.

This is a great bunch of guys to be associated with. I have met them all through Doom and ended up with friends as a result so I guess I can thank idsoftware for creating doom and bringing us together. There will probably be other wad authors as time goes on so you will see many different styles of wad in the final product. I also want to thank Newdoom.com for hosting this site and Doom Wad Station which is huge and eats up alot of space on their server. And finally, thanks to all of you who have supported Doom Wad Station over the years and continue to support my site by coming back time after time. In return, I and the rest of the Hellraiser tc crew thank you for your time and support of this tc.

---- October 31, 2002


New music for the game by Metallica:

Deathmatch and coop play:

New textures:

New sprites:

New weapons:

New Demo:

Three levels by yours truly. The final version will have 32

Credits: Myself(Bob Larkin) - wad designer, Wes Burd - wads and textures, Jeremy Stepp - graphics and music, Kent Carson - Couldn't have put this together without his technical know-how. :) You're welcome, and thanks Kent!

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