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Reviewer: Sematary




The Story
You came back from earth but there's no chance to rest.
The UAC send you to an island. And there you find out something...
I don't wanna tell more, because you'll see in the Mod.




- a lot of different maps
- weapons-settings changed
- new textures
- the Marine is able to speak, there are dia- and monologs in the game
- Soundtrack
- new background-music/sounds
- water for DX8 cards
- the story of Doom 3 will be continued
- new cutscenes
- 4 difficulties
- works on windows and on linux
- some new models
- 2 outros
- new medkit system (some medkits heal, some increase the armor or maybe both, depent on the chosen difficulty)


My Review:

I enjoyed playing this group of maps. The architecture is wonderful and the gameplay was quite good. Apparently, you are on an island and as you progress through the levels, a map shows up after each completed area to show you where you are progressing to. If you are looking for an afternoon of fun Dooming then this is probably a good map set for you. Enjoy the new features. :-)

























































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