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Doom Wad Station IS Doom! This page and it's subpages are dedicated to the 3rd installment in the Doom series - Doom 3. It is as complete as I can make it. You will find many more maps, mods and more in the /idgames section (menu above). Please Enjoy and Keep on Dooming!


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Welcome to the Doom Wad Station Doom 3 pages. I have put together for your enjoyment a vast collection (and growing) of Doom 3 resources. Among other things on these pages, you will find a complete list of the Doom 3 console commands and cvars as well as a decent collection of utilities from which to choose to enhance your Doom 3 experience. And, of course, you will find maps and mods and links to maps and mods. Only a couple of downloads are available in the Doom 3 total Conversions area. All else is links to the websites of various groups around the internet working on total conversions. Most of them have nothing solid to download yet, hence the lack of downloads. You will find downloads in the maps and mods area , and, of course, I only include the best maps and mods available.  Among the more interesting stuff you will discover is a link to CDOOM.,, a rather well put together group of maps which strive to recreate the original maps from Knee Deep in the Dead for Doom 3. Let me tell you, they really did a good job. There are a few levels ready to play and they really smoke. Aside from the links to the various Doom 3 areas of the site I am also going to provide, on this page, links to various walk throughs of the game. I don't have the time or energy or the machine to accomplish this project on my own but there are some good ones on the internet that I'm impressed with which I'll link to for you. Enjoy the site, please try to take the time to check out other areas of the site, such as the Doom and Doom 2 reviews and all the other stuff I've accumulated over the years. Enjoy!

Bob Larkin
President and Webmaster - Doom Wad Station








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