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All of these codes work for Doom and Most should work for Doom2

(if not all of them)


Puts you in the blissful "God" mode and renders you invulnerable to enemy attacks. Turn it off by typing IDDQD again.

IDCHOPPERS - Adds the chainsaw to your arsenal


Gives you your position coordinates in hexadecimal (for the hex enthusiast)


Gives you options for turning on invisibility ( I ) - Invulnerability ( V ) - the computer map ( A )

Radiation suit ( R )

or the light amp goggles ( L ) You can also give yourself the Berserk Pack(s) with this code. Simply follow the IDBEHOLD command with the letter in parentheses for the desired powerup


Gives you all of the weapons in Doom and also all of the keys. (Leave "K" out of the code to get all the weapons, but none of the keys)


Lets you warp to any level in Doom. Type IDCLEV and then enter the number of the episode you want (1,2, or 3)followed by the number for the desired level. For example, typing IDCLEV23 starts game play in the second episode, third level This works the same in Doom2 but you just type in the level like IDCLEV03 would bring you to level 3, etc...


Doom only - Use this code to turn on the "No Clipping" mode, where you are able to walk through walls. Type this a second time to disable it. In Doom2 use the IDCLIP

The following codes can be used at the command line to personalize the game.

After typing Doom at the Dos prompt you can type these command line options.

-SKILL - sets the skill level from 1 (I'm too young to die)

to 5 (nightmare)

-EPISODE - Lets you start playing in the episode of your choosing (1,2 or 3)

-FAST - Makes the monsters attack as fast as they do in

the Nightmare level of difficulty

-RESPAWN - Makes the monsters come back to life after eight seconds

-NOMONSTERS - Starts Doom without any monsters

_LOADGAME - Loads a saved game identified by its slot number

-CONFIG - Lets you load a configuration file other than DEFAULT.CFG,

which is included with Doom

-FILE - Adds the file of your choice to the list of WAD files

that are normally loaded when you run Doom. This parameter is used to override the graphics or maps residing in the DOOM.WAD file

-WARP - Warps to episode x, level y

-RECORD - Records your current game and saves it

_PLAYDEMO - Plays the demo you specify

These last three are in what is known as developer mode. I use it often to get my screen shots

While in developer mode you will see some flickering dots at the bottom of the screen. These dots tell you how many frames per second (fps) the game is running at. One dot is 35fps, two is 25fps, three is 17fps, and four is 14fps

Any time you are playing Doom (or Doom2) and the developer

mode is engaged, you can take a screen shot of the ongoing action by pressing f1. Screen shots are saved in the Doom directory as PCX files. Each screen shot you take is automatically named DOOMxxx.PCX, where xxx will be an ascending number beginning with 000. Screen shots can be displayed and manipulated with any paint program that supports the PCX format such as the Paintbrush accessory of Microsoft Windows.

December 31, 2003 - - This code was sent to me by David Shaw. The code is IDDT. Go into the map view (tab key) and type IDDT. This will bring you the full map. Type it again and it will show you every item in the game and the direction it is pointing in. Thanks David.







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