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Final Release 4/01/06

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My name is Birdman I'm 60 and was introduced to Doom2 in 1994. One of my close friends had started working with Wad Author and had started to design levels. Chris had told me about Wad Author, and gave me a copy so I could start to design my own levels of Death Match to play. After 6 months of design work, Chris put me up to the challenge of creating a Total Conversion 32 level Death Match Game to play. So I spent over 5000 hours of work and had put together a Complete New Game, with all New Graphics, Music, Sounds, Sprites, Textures, Flats, and Levels. The only thing I didn't change was the players. Chris had designed most of the levels and I had made a few as well. Everyone who had downloaded Birdman1.wad game and all my friends that have it love it. Chris went on to design some levels for the Eternal Doom3 Game and following winter had designed some levels for Eternal Death Match Game. While Chris was working on that project I went onto designing a Doom2 Source Code Game using ZDOOM in the winter of [IMAGE] 1999. I created all the levels in Boomtown to maximize the potential of the ZDoom Engine. Boomtown is a plug and play game with No Hacked Codes and supports 4 Players in Death Match play. I tried to make Boomtown a very unique game with a sense of reality when you go into play the game. Structure Quality and Playablity are the key to design work. You will find all the New Textures and so on as listed above in Boomtown. I spend 90 to 120 hours on each one of the levels. Level 10 features a 3D Bridge, and most of the levels have water in them for Swimming. If you look closely you could find sunken items on the floor. If you take the time and download Boomtown you will find a game you will want to go back and play again and again. Your New Friends will be happy to see you and are always ready to play. Download Boomtown today and see the virtual world I have created for you to play. I have been getting alot of mail about Boomtown and love to hear from you. Give me your feedback and let me know what you think.

New changes were made in Boomtown 4-01-06, I put in my Sky Boxes from Lost In Time and scrolled most of the skies. The skys are now fully Painted, and since Pete Kempson did the Splashing Water Effects for Lost In Time. I put that effect also in Boomtown.

Starting April 1 2001 Boomtown will be going under a major over haul into the Hexen format. I will be turning it into a Single Player Game, called Lost In Time. There will be level Combining, and an army of special affects added. Slope Surfaces, Breaking Glass Animation, 11 Sky's 13 Skywalls, Rain, Snow, Falling Leafs, & Smoke. If anyone is interested in Designing levels with my Source Wad you can E-Mail me. It's 34.4 Megs unzipped, and has over 2488 Textures in it. You can design Dungeon, to Techno, to Cities. All level designs must be in Hexen Format only, there is no time limit to build and no dead lines to meet. Once your Level is done you send it to me and I will add it to the current game posted. Level Name and person designed it will show at every Map check and end of level complete. If you're using Wad Author! I have re coded the ZDoomh.wcf sector floors to over 200 Types of tags you can choose from. You can do anything with your floors up to 5 tags at Once. Example ( -5 Health,Light Phases,Friction,Carry Object,Secret. ) I've changed My texture.txt File from Boomtowns Source, and a Full Motif File is complete to build with. I'm using Wad Author and have my own Lost.wcf that you can have. I highly recommend this file. It has the hole TC file format in it. Get into the ZDoom fun!

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