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Blind Alley - Spirit World Headquarters








SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 8.5

This is definitely a top notch map with plenty for everyone to enjoy. Please remember that my scores are based on my abilities and what I do or do not enjoy in a level and someone else will probably see it in a completely different light. I personally think tho that you will enjoy playing this level.











     Well, so far I've only played it on Ultra Violence. I don't recommend this level unless you are REALLY, REALLY good. I was fine up until I hit a certain part of the map where "ghosts" were walking about - that was an interesting trick - I really need to know how that was done. Anyway, I digress. I didn't FINISH on Ultra Violence - just couldn't do it. It does have lesser difficulty levels so I'm going to try that and see what happens. I only deduct a couple of points because it should be IMO be playable on ultra violence all the way through for an average player without going - ugggg - I give up. I'm sure the Uber players will find this quite exciting on Ultra Violence. I recommend something a little less difficult for everybody else.


Playability -  rating: 9     

     The playability in the wad was excellent. lots of neat little features that kept it moving along. I never really got stuck looking for anything but it wasn't straight forward either. I did have to look for clues and such to my next move. It all made sense in the context of the design so I give it high marks.


Level Design -  rating: 9

     Kudos to Searcher. The design is excellent. You begin in a LARGE outdoor area and slowly fight your way further into the labyrinth that he has created for you. Excellent use of architecture, lighting and the raise floors switch all combined for a very enjoyable experience as far as the level appearance was concerned and it added a new dimension by having to find switches to raise stairs to continued the journey. All very well done. My only quibble with the whole thing may have been the size. It is an extremely large level which is going to require time to play. It is much larger than the average map but thats a personal thing as I know some people enjoy the large maps and don't like the smaller maps.



































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