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A well done doom 2 wad for single player








SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 8

This is a level that you WILL enjoy playing. If you consider yourself to be a Doom god then you might want to consider playing this on Nightmare but for the rest of us who play in the real world - stick with a difficulty level that suits you. You should enjoy the design, it was nicely put together...








    When I first started this level it didn't feel all that difficult. There were plenty of bad asses to wipe out but there were plenty of places to snipe from and in many cases I just allowed the monsters to do the work for me. Good thing because as it turned out - ammo was at a premium at times. There was plenty of health - maybe a little too much depending on your level of expertise but I left quite a bit behind playing on Ultra-Violence (I always play on ultra violence). Despite the fact that there were tons and tons of Barons and Cacodemons and Hellknights and Muncubuses, etc... not to mention the usual array of chaingunners, spectres, demons, imps and shotgunners and so on - they were usually easy to pick of or in many cases I just allowed them to do alot of the work for me. Not that this was an easy level by any means but I think a fewer number of harder creatures might have made it more difficult than it was, especially if they were well placed. I was surprised several times and I'm glad I save my games when I clear an area. There was only one area that truly frustrated me because I knew WHAT I was looking for but I wasn't sure where it was hidden and I had to be patient while I allowed them to work for me and then snipe at them so I wouldn't end up in the middle of the melee... This one is a tough call but it was challenging....

Playability -  rating: 7     

     side from the previously mentioned area which threw me fits for a few minutes, the level played very well and didn't frustrate me unnecessarily. Everything flowed together nicely but an element that was missing was the use of creatures appearing in an area you had previously cleared when you returned from a sidetrip to pick up some necessary item. That also would have gone along with the difficulty of the level. As I said, plenty of health but I think some surprises as far as hidden monsters and some ammo to kill them would have been cool. Nevertheless, I wasn't bored although there was a time when I was trying to figure out where a certain item I needed was hidden that I got a little bored while the creatures fought it out. The only other comment I have on playability is that many of the more dangerous creatures didn't have the ability to chase me very far for some reason or in some cases at all which made my job easier as I was able to hide around a corner and just pick them off at will...


Level Design -  rating: 8

     This may have been the best part of the level. It is large and appears to be well planned out. There are some nice secrets to discover - such as the megasphere which really came in handy near the end thankyou... The geography was varied, there was good use of columns and other small architectural usages which kept the level interesting. It is hard to believe as it was with ACE whom I reviewed yesterday, that this is the authors first level. I commend him on a job well done. The only suggestions I have are that in the next one perhaps some more intricate types of architecture be used and that the level be planned out in such a way that there is always something to kill or almost always something to kill...






































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