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Maps for Doom (4) (2016) by Bob Larkin

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     So, to date (as of July 18, 2016), I have completed 3 maps for Doom 4, or Doom 2016 or just Doom - however you prefer to refer to it. I am STILL in the process of learning all the functionality of Snapmap but I'm getting there. It DOES have it's limitations - for instance, you are limited to the modules (135 I think) included in Snapmap and many of them are hallways or connectors, etc... so that cuts it down even more and then there are the setpieces, which have their place and finally, the "elevator" which apparently isn't because it doesn't do anything as far as I can tell. Just looks like an elevator with no functionality.

That is really my only complain about Snapmap. Outside of that, it is extremely dynamic with lots of set peieces that can be used to create atmosphere - speaking of which, you can apply a multitude of atmospheric looks/feels to your map with the atmosphere option but only one at a time.

    Currently, I am learning integer  use, booleans, etc.. and will eventually get to some of the even more advanced options for programming like gates. Although not incorporated in the maps that are here now, I taught myself (after being taught how to compare integers and integer compares) how to spawn an endless supply of enemies (if I want) or be able to spawn random creatures based on whatever action I set them to be spawned from (pretty cool stuff). In the meatime, here are the ones I have finished. Enjoy and please upvote if you enjoy them!




Just released a Doom snapmap called "Hellbound". I spent alot of time on this one, completely remaking a room so that it is what it wasn't - added lots of random gameplay, some hell modules and what I hope you will consider a kickass time. You will start off in a completely remade module. One of 3 random timers will start you off after you kill the first zombie you see then it's game on from there. You will get 90 seconds, 120 seconds or 180 seconds of blood splattering fun. Then, after getting into the blue skull key room you will be greeted by a tremendous fight that will open up the portal to Hell where you will be greeted by one of three randomly chosen wave events - how difficult it is depends on what the randomizer chooses. Keep on playing, it ain't over yet and no matter how many times you play this, you WILL NOT see the same gameplay twice. I hope you enjoy.
Map id: 8MHTZZFU



Awash in the blood of the dead


My 4th map and, I consider, my best - this map features lots of cool things which keep it interesting including a random encounter generator which creates a random number of creatures in the module and another random generator which creates random creatures in the map itself in several modules. I hope you enjoy it. It never plays the same twice and, I also created a section will which generate a wave event but depending on the direction you choose it will either be easier or more difficult. In either case, they are both difficult.  I hope you enjoy.






Winter is Coming


    This was actually my first map for Doom. I've been creating maps for the original games for almost 2 decades so I don't lack experience. It didn't come out exactly as I wanted. The logic on some of the events actually failed so I ended up doing the gameplay with almost no spawning activity at all in the map and with the atmosphere I created, it came out pretty good. I hope you enjoy it.


                                                                     map id: LMPFGLMZ




Winter has come!


map id: R6XMTMZS




Descent into Darkness

map id: JMV2PDG3




Map ID's:


Winter is coming:



Winter has come:



Descent into Darkness:



Awash in the blood of the dead.



























































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