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Fall of Society v1.1,  for Doom2


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Advanced engine needed : ZDoom v2.8.1
Primary purpose : Single play
Title : Fall of Society v1.1
Filename :
Release date : November 19th, 2018
Author : Various, see below
Email Address : [redacted]

Description : 4 map mini-episode for ZDoom.

It's not easy being a space refugee... on Mars
solitude, greed and violence play out just the
same as on Earth. Just another society fallen
into ruin....Reviewer: Sematary

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This is a Zdoom only map as far as I can tell (or GZdoom). It is reflected in the fact that it uses many zdoom only features such as curving archways, etc...

I don't think you would be able to play this in any other port. Fall of Society (v1.1) is a relatively small map (full disclosure, I started the second map but be warned, you need health - there is A LOT going on in the second map) that utilizes some interesting floor over floor features (again, zdoom only) and a fair number of texture changes which give the map a different look than your standard Doom map. TBH, I haven't played a ton of maps recently and I don't know how much these features are being used in current Zdoom maps but they look good and were put to good use.








As noted, this map makes extensive use of Zdoom features including the ability to create a floor over floor (seen in the screenshot below). The map was fairly well detailed although I felt that the library textures were out of place in this map. Everything else, however, seemed to work well together and the new sky texture (night sky) was  nice and worked well with the map. It was more or less a standard key retrieval map that was small but the map was fairly spacious for fighting. There were definitely some traps in this map to keep you on your toes.







This was not a terribly difficult map on UV but I had my fair share of deaths when I was surprised by something I wasn't expecting. The most difficult enemy to make an appearance in this map was the Baron but there were some custom Caco's and Sargeants which made the map interesting, if not actually more difficult. You should be able to play through this one fairly quickly but expect to get some surprises so I recommend saving your game every now and again unless you don't mind starting the map over.






Final thoughts


I recommend this map for your average Doomer who is looking for something fun and fast to play.



























































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