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Damned City 2 [From Moscow to Agartha]


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 Evgeny "Arch-Vile" Smirnov


This is a story of what is to be a Hero!
From demon-hunted (because of stupid city major)
Moscow suburbs through city metro stations, tunnels
and railways - to crooked cosmodrom which demons
used to invade Agartha. But only there lies last
hope of Humanity: the legacy of Ancestors and
Heroes! Find the hidden Temple in the "Hall of Men"
and activate the 5th Element!

New levels : 10
Sounds : Yes
Music : No
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other : No
Other files required : None

* Play Information *

Game : Doom 2
Map # : 1 - 10
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
Reviewer: Sematary

Download DCITY2_5.ZIP 






Opening screenshot



This map started off on the slow side (the screenshots you're seeing are from the first map and some from the 2nd map out of a total of 10 maps). You find yourself in the room pictured above with the pistol start and no other weapons to be seen. You will make your way down a set of stairs where you will kill a few Former Humans - you can shoot them or the barrels (I always enjoy the barrels). :-)  There are a few switches which will open your way and one of them provides you with some bonuses but I'm not going to divulge where. Moving on, you will face a plethora of Imps. That's all the blow by blow I'm going to give you. Here is what I will tell you - you will enjoy how this first map is set up and from what I've seen in the 2nd map, which is far as I've gotten so far prior to writing this, you will enjoy playing this set of maps.







I really enjoyed the design that I've seen so far. The author seems to really enjoy big open areas and it appears, city scapes. There was plenty of detail in the first and 2nd map and plenty of bad guys to kill - in the first map it is mostly Former Humans but there are also other characters who make an appearance and that rolls into the design because for the most part the design allows you to handle the hordes without getting your ass handed to you every second. The author, at least initially, also enjoys the use of teleporters (there are ALOT of teleporters) to get you through the map. In the room that appears to be the inside of a church there was a particularly difficult fight with several Hell Knights in attendance. I fired off a shot and allowed the Former Humans and Former Sargeants to fight it out with the Hell Knights which was fun to watch and made the job easier. There were/are 4 teleporters in this room and you're supposed to "decide" which one to use but as it turns out (and I didn't really like this) you can keep coming back to use all 4. I think (personal preference) that it would have been better to shut the teleporters off after you chose one. Other than that nitpicky thing on my part, I really enjoyed the design of this first level and I expect that all 10 of them are equally as well constructed.









This was one I couldn't quit on as I was playing it. It really was too interesting to not continue playing which is a good sign for any map. Some lose your interest pretty quickly but not this one. I think that is all that really needs to be said concerning the gameplay - it was interesting. I'm not saying it was the most difficult map I've ever played (it's not) but the way it was designed kept the gameplay interesting and that is all you can ask for in a Doom or Doom 2 map or any game, really.






Final thoughts



The maps is replete with new sounds and some weapon mods etc... and is fairly well (and interestingly) designed but I wanted to touch on the sounds. While I enjoyed many of the replacement sounds, some of them seemed completely out of place and I wish the author had chosen something different - especially some of the "dying" sounds of the Former Humans. You'll hear what I'm talking about. Also, one of the weapons mods (the chaingun) was (imo) correctly oriented so that firing it was slightly off from where the rounds were actually landing. So, aside from those two things that I've come across so far, I have no complaints with this set of maps and I certainly recommend picking it up and playing it.

























































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