Fuk My BFG for Doom 2 



Date released 3/7/2018

Created 1995



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Fuck My BFG


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Author: Darren Malley

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From Highlands, Scotland, UK.





  Created by: Darren Malley a.k.a. DJ Potent / DJ Corruption

Darren tells me he found this after all these years -

something he created in 1995 and wanted to share with the world.

So here it is - Fukmybfg from 1995 (who says time travel isn't possible?)

There is no review - this is a deathmatch map only. No single player starts. No coop starts.

Darren rescued this from somewhere in his digital history to share here, only on DWS. :-)

Thanks Darren!




By the author


Description : After many years of fighting against the troops

of hell you finally retire from the war business.
You quit
the service, rent a beautiful apartment
in a quiet town and look forward to watching TV,
cooking and lazing.
But you can find no peace.
Night after night terrible dreams
haunt your sleep.
In those nightmares you have to re-live
again and
again the merciless battles of your blood-soaked

This night it's different. As usual, you awoke from a
bad dream at dead of night. You lie in your bed and
listen. Every-thing's quiet. The world's asleep.

You don't feel comfortable. Deep inside you know that
thing's really wrong. But what is it?
You switch on the lights
and get out of bed...






























































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