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Bad Religion


Title : Bad Religion
Filename : BadRelgn.wad
Release date : 12/12/2017
Author : Emil "NaturalTvventy" Brundage
Email Address : [redacted]
Other Files By Author : No End In Sight, The Beginning of the End Part 1,
The Beginning of the End Part 2, Awakening
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My Review:



So, I was looking for something to play to ring in the new year as this "may" be my final reveiw of 2017. So, I updated from the archives and found this map called Bad Religion. The text file intrigued me with it's description so I dove in.

In the end, this may end up being the best map I, or you, will have played this year. Well done.

The author (Emil "NaturalTvventy" Brundage) should be super proud of this map. Let's get right into it.



The map features a bevy of new weapons, creatures, attacks, sprites, etc... all on down the line - many of which you may or may not recognize based on what you've played in the past. I haven't been playing alot of doom over the last few years so alot of this was new to me but I did recognize some of what I had seen. I really enjoyed the Mancubus arms - very cool addition for a weapon and unlike the rocket launcher, it doesn't wreck you if you're standing too close when it goes off.



Pretty much every creature in the menagerie made an appearance in this map. I could go through the list but you'll be able to tell from the screenshots pretty much what you can expect to see in this map. Being trapped in an underground room with Archviles who are working alongside Chaingunners, Revenants and assorted other badasses sounds like a good time, right? I played on UV - I suggest saving - often.



As far as the map itself - BRAVO!  This map had layers upon layers upon layers of hidden treasure to search for and find. There were rooms above and below and everywhere in between. At one point I thought I must be near the end but not even close. It took me, well, hours, to play through this. There was just so much to discover and so many new things kept popping up. I can't say as I've actually played a map that was this well designed and as much fun to play - especially recently - although Morixmas probably would give it a run for it's money. It has it all, including giving you the opportunity to sit in an arena with multiple Cyberdemons, Arachnatrons, Mancubuses and the such while you try to stay out of the way as they battle it out amongst themselves. Needless to say, you don't have time during this to just sit still and admire the view - you WILL be toast if you do that. Keep moving, gather as much stuff as you can and stay the hell out of the way. It's really you're only hope of survival (and grabbing up the blue key).



I'm not going to give this map a numeric score. I'm just going to tell you that you should set aside some time with a beer (or 6) and put on your big boy (or girl) pants and get to work. Bad Religion is HUGE - I mean absolutely monstrous in size and complexity but you won't be left at any point wondering, ok - what's next? You will stay fairly busy most of the time and even when you're not, you will be looking for that next thing, that next rush as you discover another part of the map. You won't be disappointed. It might be one of those maps that will stand out for you for years to come. It's really that well done. Enjoy and happy new year!




A single map for DOOM2 containing new weapons, monsters
and powerups.






















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