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Escalation Titan


The author sent me an updated copy of this recently (May 2018). Here is what he had to say:


I've done a complete overhaul of the maps, including re-balancing the difficulty, fixing a few line defs, fixing textures, fixing secret areas, changing a bunch of things the reviewer didn't like (that I fully agreed with) and on top of that I added a new map.


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Title                        : Escalation Titan

Filename                 : etitan.wad

Release date            : 25 February 2016 [Last updated 9 August 2016]

Author                     : Jeffrey Canam

Email Address         :


Description              : This is a 5 map wad that takes place on a U.A.C.

                          Base on Jupiter's moon Titan.


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Well, its been a long time since I last shot at an Undead Marine or an Imp so I was long overdue for some hot Doom action. That being said, I was glad to hear from Bob needing a review done and was happy to oblige. This mapper claimed that this is his first map. I have to say, not bad. Maybe this is his first FUNCTIONAL map, after so many tweaks and such.






            I played on HMP and UV and it was great either way. Not too many dull spots or dead zones, either. It took time to find my way further into the maps, as a switch opens something ALL THE FRIGGIN way on the other side of town, which I hate because that takes away from the actionÖ.so, maybe the distance between hubs is a killjoy. But, hey; maybe YOU like shit like that! At least, some new baddies get released to hamper your way, though. You will deal with two Archies and two Cybies; Iíll spill that much. So, save your best A-game for those four later on.






            There were some missing textures in a skybox or two, and a couple of monsters were stuck in some sectors, but that was not what annoyed me. What annoyed me were those damned switches. The mapper edited the switch texture down to just the actual toggle switch and stuck it into really jack-up corners with funky floor arrows alluding to them. One switch I couldnít even reach because a column was blocking it. They were also very hard to find; some are behind objects, down near the slime. Hated that.

            Otherwise, thereís a good balance of ammo and power-ups, a nice chunk of secret areas to discover, and He DID do a great job with everything else. These are big, juicy maps with a lot of thought thrown into them. Itís just those blasted switches that bugged me to no end.






            Oh, yeah, once you get the gist of whatís going on, youíll want to go back and find other stuff. The maps are worth running around to find all of the secrets, and maybe, to figure out where all those funky switches are (ok, Iím off the switch thing)









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