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November 8, 2004



NeoDoom by Daniel

Don't stop shooting or you'll die!


Sept 20, 2004



Dark Tower wad by Simon Hayles

Archviles and Imps and Mancubii - Oh My!!


Sept 17, 2004



Dalgor's Dante' by Hardy Davis AKA Dalgor the Just

Try it for yourself!


Sept 10, 2004



Exodus for Doom2 by Hobomaster

The baddies can help... help shorten your life span.


June 28, 2004



A month and a half without a new review? Shame on me! Get your shotgun and start killing something!

A thousand ways to die, that is STIGMATA!



May 12, 2004



Afterlife wad for Doom2 by Sphagne




May 12, 2004



Blood Runners wad for Doom2 by Sphagne

Spill some blood!



April 23rd, 2004



Point of No Return by "Job"

Grab your shotgun!



April 13rd, 2004



Entrapment by Marshall Flag

Knuckle up!



March 23rd, 2004



Dalgor's Dante

Knuckle up!



March 17th, 2004



Outpost Recon (Tolwyn01)

Tiptoe thru the valley!



February 23, 2004




What can I say? Strange name.



February 23, 2004



End of The Old Order

Is it? You decide!



February 23, 2004




Come and get some!



January 29, 2004



KS11 By Cory Banket

All new and waiting for you!



January 8, 2004



KS10 By Cory Banket

Get yer ass wuppin here!























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