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Unconditional Elimination (Zap28)







Andy Badorek

SP doom2 (map 28)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download Zap28


Overall - SCORE: 9.7

Beautiful work.  Gotta get more from this guy.  What are reading this for??? Go download this map and get busy!



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     This wasn't a nice wad at all.  It's ugly action and ass whipping from the get go.  As soon as the map loads, you'd better make a bad dash for the double odd shottie and for cover quickly! I was battered, bruised, and pounded into a very fine paste quite a few times in this one.  There isn't a nook or cranny that doesn't have some undead or demonic denizen hiding out in its shadows. This was hard, but not too frustrating to where I could not complete it.  Save as much ammo as you can and choose your battles wisely.  Two words in closing: SAVE SLOTS.


Playability -  rating: 8.9

     There were so many twists and turns, so many little recesses that numerous secrets abound.  I didn't live long enough to find them all but I managed to sniff out a couple. I'd play this one over a couple of times just to make sure I got everything.  This is one of those kinda maps where it's a joy to peal a Baron's horned grape repeatedly for the hell of it.  This is a "target rich environmet" tread carefully and you'll make it. But, if you run out of ammo, you're going to have a hell of a time trying to access the other parts of the map.  Trust the Blue guy; I know...


Level Design -  rating: 10

     This is traditional Doom II right down to the metal rivets.  Nothing original, however, the structuring, monster placement, and the allotment of weapons and health all blended together for a strong brew of pain infliction.  I was teetering on the brink of death 85% of the time, running from the baddies instead of engaging them, I LOVED IT!  This is a traditional map, but flawless in its execution.   There's lots of spots for hidden sniper fire and places for you to be the sniper.  There's tons of hiding spots, switches, and utter confusion and mayhem.  This was nicely done.  In fact, it's kinda reminencsent of  E1M6 "Against Thee Wickedly", one of my favorite levels.  It has a taste of  "O of Destruction" too.  In any case, it's good stuff.