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Starship Troopers for Wolf3D sw








Steve Johnson


Authors Website

SP Wolf3D SW  (maps 1 - 10)


Reviewed By:

Trioxyn 345

Download the file for Wolf3d shareware version 1.4


A note from Doom Wad Station:


I checked this out using the included .exe and honestly it didn't look all that good. So - I added the newwolf opengl thing you can get on the main page and it looked fabulous! I suggest doing that.


























The Review:

I am not often impressed by a demo or a work-in-progress. This addon is an oustanding exception to that particular rule.

Ignoring the fact that I am a fan of Starship Troopers, (I once worked a summer pest control job while in school) this addon seems to have great potential.

Ok. first things first. The gun needsa bit of work. I don't like the way it looks right now. A touch of shading and perhaps centering it more would get rid of what i took as a "zig zag" look.

Next, the map does indeed look like the wastes of "Outpost Whiskey" from the movie. The author has captured the feel pretty well. The bugs are the stars of the show. These guys are VERY well done. The size, appearence and coloration are excellent!! The sounds of anger/pain coming from these things lend much to the realism of the gameplay.

This wip is one worth watching! I am eagerly awaiting the finished product. Hopefully it will
intergrate well with "New Wolf GL". In the screenshots that I have taken, the sky/ground textures did not appear correctly for some reason. I used NWGL to allow the "stars" of this addon their full glory.






















































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