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Space Loons for Wolf3D







Dr. Von Loon

SP Wolf3D SW  (map 1)

requires: any BOOM port

Reviewer: Sematary

Download the file for Wolf3d shareware version 1.4


Download the file for Wolf3d full registered


Download Wolf Creator
















   Spaceloons for wolfenstein is a total conversion created by the author of  Spaceloons for Doom2. There are new graphics, new characters, weapons, etc... What you have on this page is the version created for the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3d and for the full, registered, version of Wolfenstein 3d. Also available is the program used to generate the levels - Wolf Creator - sort of the Wolfenstein version of Slige that exists for creating Doom/Doom2 levels. As the author has told me repeatedly, he is not a mapper. ;-)

He's really awesome at graphics though.


So first, the author thanks:

Both files were creadted using sprites from "SillyWars" and flats/textures from
"Astrostein" and "AlienWolf". Both of which are excellent Wolf3d addons!! Bravo to
BOTH authors!!!
Thanks to Innana Kernannen for "PovDooM"


ID software
Bob Larkin's Doom Wad Station


The Story:

The SpaceLoons having acquired Time Travel technology from a local yard sale,
attempt to change the course of World War II. Their ship appears just outside
our solar system on June 6th 1946.
 See what happens when you don't keep your reciept...........
Your mission is to board the SpaceLoon TimeStation and put it out of action, while
acquiring as much information about the SpaceLoons as possible.
 Assuming  they even know what informaton is......



In game video:





















































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