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Drawn and Quartered for Wolf3D








Ringman: Game idea/story/graphics/some sounds/maps

Dugtrio: Beta Testing/coding/sounds/music

Adam Biser:WDC

SP Wolf3D



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The Story so far:



You are Matt Merril, student of the 8th grade!  You have been trudging through a grueling bout of math homework assigned by your evil teacher known only in small circles as Mr. BrotherTank.  The homework itself is extremely harsh, consisting of 15 pages of algebra.  X's and Y's go swirling around your head as you make a pathetic attempt to read this garbage.  Sadly if you don't get this done and get an A on it you'll probably end up having to retake this class, since you'll certainly fail the test coming up.


"Heh, variables... When am I ever going to need this stuff?  I want to become a video game maker, not a darned mathematicistician!" You think to yourself. 


Your eyes drift to your other notebook....  There you have been working on countless ideas for the best first person shooter ever!  You have tons of graphics already drawn, and as soon as you make it into the business when you finish highschool, (You already have your resume and coverletter written up to send out to ID software, they'd be crazy not take a man with your genius.) you'll become a millionaire in about 7 months! 


"Clam this!" You mumble under your breath, and you dart to your note book with the cryptic words "TOP SECRET" sloppily streaked across the cover in toxic, black, magic marker.


You inhale deeply and get a good buzz from that nullifying aroma.  You're ready to go make history.  Opening your book, you gaze over your latest entries of work.  You're excitement dwindles when you realise that you still can't draw worth a loaf of bread in the depressed 1930's.  The whole book is covered with chicken scratch and horrendoulsy rendered skeletons with Rambo™ bandanas and twin pistols.  


You sit back and try to come up with more ideas, but you are exhausted from all the Math work.  "Hmmm... maybe I can make a game with a hero who is fighting cultist nazis through underground catacombs!  I can call it Halls of Stonehenge!" You state with excitement.  "No, no one would ever want to play that!"


Your eyes start growing heavy, as you painstakingly fight sleep.  You start doodling a giant mushroom forest filled with little Wizards and castles until you fall asleep into your notebook. 



Review by Dr. Von Loon


 There the battle begins.......in a world of black and white pencil skectches!! That the beauty of it. It is a world
that looks like a notebook full of doodles.

It is done very seamlessly giving the effect of a outside enviroment with small buildings scattered about. Wizards and
other creatures blend in very well with the items and scenery. The music is based on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" TV series
which first aired in black and white and featured Mr Hitchcock's sketched outline in the show's intro. So someone
DOES remember that show.

The navigation in this enviroment can be disorienting and getting lost could become habit forming. The sound effects
are handeled rather well.

Downsides......more like feature requests really, how about a "Technicolor' or "Crayola" version as the black and white
novelty tended to wear off for me after awhile. Since it has a customised exe, it wont run correctly on NewWolf GL or other
ports that I tested it on. That may be a consideration for future releases.

All in all, something fun and orginal for Wolf3D


Some notes of interest:


This mod for Wolf3d comes with it's own executable. I suggest you use it. I tried to play this with Newwolf - the opengl port for Wolf3d but the graphics didn't render properly - especially the sprites. Often times you got the beginning sequence of the animation then the one this author intended. What I ended up doing was using DOSBOX for the Dos environment and then the exe that came with the mod. It is the ONLY way it will work properly, that I know of. Remember, this was designed back in the days when a 286 was a GOOD computer!




























































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