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Daleks for Wolf3D









Dr. Von Loon

SP Wolf3D SW  (maps 1 - 10)

SP Wolf3d Registered (60 maps based off Alienwolf - modified by Dr. Von Loon)


Download the file for Wolf3d shareware version 1.4


Download the file for Wolf3d full registered



















   Daleks for wolfenstein is a total conversion created by the author of  Spaceloons for Wolf3d. There are new graphics, new characters, weapons, etc... What you have on this page is the version created for the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3d and for the full, registered, version of Wolfenstein 3d.


New textures

New Sounds

New Sprites

New weapons

New Creatures (Daleks, mutant rats, experimental weapons, Davros (head mad scientist, experimental Cyborg, and more)

New maps created by Dr. Von Loon


So first, the author thanks:

The author behind the brillant "Astrostein"
The BBC for creating "Dr. Who" and his arch-nemisis "The Daleks"
The minds at "ID" software.
Bob Larkin of "Doom Wad Station" whose
inspiration was critical in this addon's creation.


ID software
Bob Larkin's Doom Wad Station


The Story:

Begin transmission

The Time Lord's have recruited you as a Celestial Intervention Agency operative. Your mission: Return to Skaro shortly after the Fourth Doctor's attempt to prevent the Dalek's creation. Your mission, gather intelligence on project "NewShell" which reports indicate may be a new form of Dalek
travel machine

You will be equipped with powerful weapons
to enable you to deal with your powerful enemies . Daleks, MK I and MK II types have been confirmed to be in the runis of Skaro, along with mutant rodents.

End transmission


In game videos:





















































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