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Blobs from Uranus

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If you are in the mood for a good laugh, then this is the addon for you.

Average maps but good graphics with rather catchy new music that seems familar for some reason. The textures are
nice as well. I didn't like the pink wall panels from hell, but it seems to fit in with the overall theme. I guess I'll just wear welders goggles during those times. Ammo and health
are also in sufficent quantity along with plenty of "Uranus Blobs" (and NASA keeps saying they haven't found alien life out there......)

The Blobs are nicely done with a good 3D look to them and good shading as well. They seem a bit irritated that you've
dropped in on them without an invitation. Which brings me to the part that bothered me about this addon, no documentation oir
text file. I'm not even sure who the author or authors are. OH I HATE THAT!!! AGGGGGHHHH!!!

If you are the authors and would like to recieve credit for your work (I think you should)
then email Doom Wad Station and let them know ok?


In game video:























































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