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Alien Vs. Terminator Vs. Predator

A work in progress by Dr.Von Loon








Dr. Von Loon

SP Wolf3D SW 





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From the author:


First, I must give gratitude to the following,
without whose efforts this addon
would have not been possible.

The authors of "Aliens vs. Predadors vs. Terminators"
for Doom II
The gifted creator of "Blake Stone" for Wolf3D, Brian E. Lowe
The author of "Astrostein" Spifferanous
Sporb's Hi-Res Texture pack
The genius team at ID software
And of course, Bob Larkin's Doom Wad Station

Now, our story....

In a combined effort by Cyberdyne Systems
and the Weyland Corpoation to develop
intelligent weapon systems a terrible event
has occured. Intelligent systems tend to have
a mind of their own.

Cyberdyne-Weyland has apparently overlooked this minor detail.........

It now fall to you to clean up the mess.
under NO circumstances are these creations
to be allowed to
escape the confines of the underground faclility.

Good luck and good hunting!




























































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