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Halls of the Unhallowed






Steve Whittaker



SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific port

Reviewer: Sematary



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My Review:

    This map is a fairly quick play. It is small in size, but (and be warned), very intense - especially during the middle portion of gameplay. You need to be as conservative with your ammo as humanly possible. That means - one shot, one kill (if possible). Obviously, that tactic won't work with Barons and Hellknights! You had BETTER have your strafing skills in order or I guarantee a quick and painful exit from this map! Also, when you're in the first room with the lava - save your spot. It's easy to get knocked into it without an exit. That's all the warning I'm giving you.

    The map is very well detailed but small. It shouldn't take you long to knock this one out if you have any skillz. If you are a n00b, I suggest taking a training course or something because you won't be able to handle this map. If you don't use save slots, it might take even seasoned veterans a couple or three tries to get through this map. Be prepared!












































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