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Outpost Recon for doom2







David "Tolwyn" Shaw

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: Zdoom or Jdoom

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download Outpost Recon


Overall - SCORE: 7.9

This has a few shortcomings, but not enough to defeat the overall presentation. This is a nice map.








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DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating: 8        

     This can be completed on any skill level. But, you WILL get a good pelting on a regular basis. Stay on the alert and stay on the move and you'll do fine.


Playability -  rating: 8

     There's a moderate replay value in this one because of the expanse of the level alone. There just might be some secrets that have yet to be found. There are plenty of snipers in dark corners, and LOTS of hidden chambers chucked full of baddies, so get ready for some scrappin'! Every time you trigger something, more baddies come at you. There was some nice scripting done here, I've noticed, with some switches. The exit level was CRUEL!


Level Design -  rating: 7.6

     This section gets a lower mark due to some textures that weren't unpegged. For example, there was this wire mesh texture that appeared to pass thru the windowsill, and a switch that was halfway buried under the floor. One switch was aligned in a way that only the toggle-not the switch lights-showed, which was way cool. The structuring was nicely done. I really liked how David made the transition from a rustic mountain valley to a subterranean base. Very nice!











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