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The Reason for doom2






Author: Jason Seekings

SP doom2



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Overall - SCORE: 7.3

It's a decent map. I do recommend it but there are the issues noted above. If you can get past those, you will enjoy playing this map.








You have been separated from your squad because they where captured by the demons when you got away safe. Now you are a on a little quest to save you squad! The new graphics are: Exploding Revanents, Hellknights with extra blood, Barons of hell that fall apart, Cacodemons that burn away, chaingunners with extra blood, imps with extra blood, demons who's heads are blown away and new textures and objects and sky.



I can promise you this - you won't be bored. Here's a hint for you: SAVE YOUR AMMO. You're going to need it. Use that chainsaw as much as possible. This map is one giant bloodbath. The creatures never stop coming at you and most of them make an appearance in the map. Plenty of revenants, Hellknights and Barons along with the usual assortment of Imps, demons and sargeants make for a busy, bloody and fairly enjoyable map. Good players will run into problems here and there but should be alright. Players with lesser skillz can probably plan on being Demon Flambe' often. Just enjoy the ride.


Playability -  rating: 7

This maps a little too long for my taste. It is quite large, in fact. On the bright side, you're never bored as you crisscross the map in search of keys and, eventually, the exit. On the downside, their are issues with texture alignment and unpegged door sides, which distracts from the map. There are also a couple of mildly annoying HOM's which don't really affect gameplay but do distract from it as HOM's always do. I don't know if I'd ever play this map more than once but the one time I did play it through was fun - until I ran out of ammo that is. Then it was just freakin' unbelievably hard. That's why I suggest you keep your ammo as much as possible.


Level Design -  rating: 7

While not of the professional caliber that I've seen a bit of lately, this is still a good map. It would be much better if the physical defects didn't exist (see playability). On the good side, there were many varied areas for fighting with some decent architectural work to keep it from getting boring to look at and the author added some very cool stuff, like new death scenes for many of the monsters, new sounds and some custom graphics. Most of it looked pretty good. The only downside for me was the sheer size of the map. Just too large, in my opinion. Update: 12/29/05 - I worked with the author to clean up some of the physical defects and he added some minor changes to enhance gameplay. Enjoy!
























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