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Thematic for Doom II






Lutrov71 and Jimi

SP doom2 (maps 1)

No Specific Port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


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Overall - SCORE: 9.8

Wash your ass first before playing this map.  At least then, you won't funk up the house with the sweat you're going to make with this one!



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DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating:  9.5

I was sadly deceived at the start of this level when all I saw were three teleports, and three Hellknights.  Once I stepped onto one of those pads,  the beads of sweat began to form and my trigger finger got the abuse that only devoted gamers dream of.  Was this a hard level?  You betcha.  This is not for the novice or Doomers of moderate skill.  It was ugly from the first battle to the last.  I stayed just over 40% health most of the time IN SPITE of the ample health powerups.  I LOVED IT.  If you want a good pick-me-up between mapping or something to wake you up early in the morning, this is the answer.  This map kicks harder than Carabou coffee and sucks more life out of you than a drunken porn star.  


Playability -  rating: 9.1

Well, Lutrov always makes tight maps and this was no exception.  These two authors whipped up something fierce in way of game play so that no matter how many times you run thru this, you're going to get bitch-slapped more than once.  TONS of powerups and ammo are available...if you can get to it. There's hundresd of badasses to frag and lots of room to duke it out in.  I made it to the obviouis secrets but I'm sure that there may be a couple well hidden ones so I'm going back for seconds.  This is one for the Doom library (I have two CDs worth)!


Level Design -  rating: 10

There was nothing extraordinary in the way of structures or textures, but the map was nicely done.  There were cool skylights shapes and plenty of hiding places for the baddies.  You will have lots of walls to duck behind, there are a few traps too for good measure.  It's a BIG map and will take the better part of an hour to complete unless you're a Doom god among men.  In spite of its size, Thematic is not boring.  You won't spend a lot of time exploring, looking for switches and stuff  because everything is pretty well laid out for you and those beasties keep coming at ya.  I managed to stay alive by using the well set up support beams and such to avoid being smushed into a very fine paste--in spite of finding myself suddenly surrounded by tough, projectile slinging SOBs.  This map went very smoothly.