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Ray Schmitz

aka: Shitbag

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: I used Risen3d

Reviewer: Sematary


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Overall - SCORE: 9.5

What can I tell you? Designed by one of the better map makers in the community, you will be clamoring for more when all is said and done.







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DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating: 10    

     OH MY GOD! Ray really shoveled it out this time. I have some advice for you. DON'T leave any Hell knights roaming the level behind you or you WILL find yourself trapped. If you see it, kill it. Use strategy when possible and necessary but DON'T advance in the level till you've cleared an area or you are going be doing the dead guy act. I played this on UV. If you are not a seasoned veteran with some serious skills, don't even try it on this level. Go to something easier. Strafing is an important skill to possess here. You will face just about every creature that Doom2 has to offer and until you progress into the level some you have pistol and super shotgun. Be fast, be diligent and be ready!


Playability -  rating: 9

     There is no shortage of action in this map. I guarantee the only way you will be bored is if you play it with -nomonsters. The map is cunningly designed and brings you back through several areas repeatedly but always with more bad guys to fight. The only part that really pissed me off was the room with the blue key - God, I hate those cyberdemons.


Level Design -  rating: 9

     As usual, Ray puts out a top notch level with lots of cool design features and a design that will keep you on your toes. Be ready for anything and admire some of the architecture along the way but don't dawdle or you'll find yourself being sliced and diced before you can say Doom.















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