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South Park Megawad - graphics replacement








SP doom2 (maps 1 - 31)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


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Overall - SCORE: n/a

Here's my suggestion. Playing with the Southpark characters is pretty cool but if you're sick of doom2 then load this thing up with a set of maps you haven't played and go from there.










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   This is basically a character replacement for Doom2. Here's the review.


Difficulty -  rating: n/a

    This was not hard… PERIOD. Basically this is the original Doom with only baddie replacements. Still, it was cool. But, since I can play the original Doom II blindfolded now, it’s no biggie anymore. So…


Playability -  rating: n/a   

     For any Doomer worth his ammo clips, this will be boring. Nothing original in game play but still, even a seasoned player can get fragged once or twice sometimes even in the levels he/she knows too well. So, I can’t give too much on playability


Level Design -  rating: n/a   

     The only things original about this one are the South Park characters. Everything else is stock Doom II. That’s it. No South Park school, no field where Cartman gets his anal probe and farts fire, not even the boxing ring where Jesus and Santa Claus duke it out! Other than the novelty of bustin’ a cap in Kenny’s parka covered ass, there’s really nothing else to this one. Why does he wear that thing all year around anyway? Skin cancer? Over sized warts? Aw, hell who cares?