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Short-n-quick 2 - sp doom 2 wad







Varun Abhirim

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


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Overall - SCORE: 9

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Difficulty -  rating: 10   

     Ay Carumba! This joint was a battle and a half from hell! I played it on Hurt Me Plenty (didn’t bother with UV… learned my lesson BUT, curiosity got the best of me), and it was more than enough for me to get thru with 5 points of health left! This was much better than the original SNQ with just the right amount of ammo for the right kind of damage. This level was intense and fun from the get-go!


Playability -  rating: 7   

     This was not as frustrating as the original and not as hard. But, it was one ass whipping from another from the first shot. There are demons galore and a ton of hiding places for them. Can you find them all? With lots of areas, lots of ambushes, and lots of bloodthirsty things out there waiting to grind your bones to make their cornbread, SNQ2 was a hoot. As soon as you begin the level, KNUCKLE UP! It stayed heavy all the way thru to the end. And I was chicken shit at the end-level… It was too dark to see. That’s the right emotion to invoke in a player for this type of game--- FEAR. Good job, Varun!


Level Design -  rating: 7    

     This one will be short. The structuring smokes like a grilled bratwurst and the action was hot and heavy. Luv it! It all looked like some surrealistic neither realm out of Dante’s worst nightmare