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Simple Tricks for Doom2







Josh Stats



SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: ZDoom latest version

Reviewer: Blue Paladin



Are you hungry for heavy heart hammering horrors??  Are you dying for pulse-pounding pernicious punishments??  Have you long lusted for death-dealing demolition dynamite??  This ain't it, pal.  It's still fun anyway.


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About Simple Tricks

    Several large rooms chucked full of baddies, a few secret rooms chucked full of ammo, three keys and an exit.   


My Review:

    There is nothing eye-popping in this one.  In fact, it's just plain mundane and scruffy.  The secret areas were obvious, textures were not unpegged in places and But the action is heavy and there's plenty of powerups to help deal with the combat. If you think shoot a room full of Cybies with a BFG is like shooting a barrel full of monkeys, you must have just started playing Doom yesterday.  This map looks like a Slige job, honestly, but if you're looking for heavy barrel action or a torrid tryst with evil unbound, have at it.









































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