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Sacrifice in Blood for Doom2









SP - Doom2

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary



















You enter in an open area. Before you is the temple from which all evil now emanates. Surrounded by Imps and with a Demon hot for your blood, you backpedal and begin firing... I've often considered what it is that separates the best wads from the mundane ones that all of us have played. The answer of course lies in several factors.. is it fun to play? Is the design good? Am I bored out of my gourd? Sacrifice in Blood is a wad that you won't soon forget! Set in a temple overrun by Hellish Demons, you are the only marine the UAC has entrusted with spying out the territory. Right from the get-go you will be fighting for your very survival as dozens of Imps attack you from every imaginable direction and a single demon attacks you from the front. Armed with only a pistol, you must kill the demon, find the shotgun which lies not too far away and begin blasting Imps before you become Imp toast. This is the first of the prerequisites for a great level - ACTION, with a capital "A". You must also fight smart and preserve your ammo as you battle your way through the temple to try and save mankind once again. - Another sign of a good level, while you are required to use your head and not panic, it is not so frustrating that you give up in disgust. Finally, The level design is excellent. The author (Jon Washburn) utilizes light and shadow to the nth degree in this wad - showing us all what can be accomplished if you just put your mind to it. This is also the last part of the puzzle in what separates a great wad from a mundane wad - level design. The design doesn't have to be fantastic but it should offer enough variety to keep it interesting. Jon has accomplished all of this in this excellent wad. The only drawback to the whole thing is that the wad is so large that it won't play with regular Doom2. You will need a source port such as ZDOOM or BOOM for this wad to play properly.
















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