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single player doom 2 pwad






Gyrgy Kszeg

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: No Specific Port

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


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Overall - SCORE: 9.3

This is good on action and good on fun. Come and get it if you deem yourself worthy…






     After a couple of days trying to get my computer back up after having it crash a few times trying to play some of those wads out there, I finally have the chance to get a review done. Well, this wad is a pain. Literally. It’s a pain in the ass, the shnaz, the gut, the mug, everywhere! I was beaten so much on UV that I needed a bib ‘cause I was whining like a baby! There’s a crap-load of teleport traps and trick doors. There was one hallway where it looked very empty, until you step in and get pummeled! A CyberDemon gave me a very rude and poignant awakening in a tight spot, and an Arch Vile gave me a fiery ‘howdy-do’ when I failed to see the trick door he ran out of (Damn, those Viles are friggin’ fast)!


Playability -  rating: 10

     I had myself a ball playing this joint! It was hokey (as in hocus-pocus) all the way thru and it was fast-paced. You’re gonna sweat a little on this one, promise ya. If your strafing skills are minimal, better practice before trying out this one. Strafing can save your natural ass in there in a big way. You will find yourself stuck out in the open when the ambushes come and you have little to no time to react to it. NICE. There’s no puzzles… oh wait. There is one at the end, by I got It on the first try, REALLY! No, really! Stop laughing!


Level Design -  rating: 10

     This wad doesn’t display anything fancy, in fact, it’s kinda plain-Jane, but it kicks ass in action and plotting. Everything flows together nicely and keeps you stoked all the way thru effortlessly. There were no errors (PHEW!!) and that’s good for me, since I’ve been having the worst of luck playing wads these days. There are two of the same wad available; one for DOS, Legacy, and such, and one specifically for Doomsday (Jdoom). So, this guy gets praises for forethought.


































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