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R.A.V.E. for doom II







Andy Leaver

SP doom2 (map1)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary


Download this and other Andy Leaver maps here!


Overall - SCORE: 6.3

This is a rather average map that you may or may not enjoy depending on your tastes. I enjoyed playing through it but it was a fast map and the scores above reflect MY experience. Take it with a grain of salt and judge for yourself.


















    As noted in the text file - if you find the secrets you'll do better than without them. I found 1 and didn't end up needing the other I guess. There are plenty of bad-asses in this one and the toughest part is right at the beginning where you are surrounded by Demons and Cacodemons. After that it gets infinitely easier and in fact, if you are a half-way decent UV player then you shouldn't have too much difficulty unless you don't find some of the ammo in one of the secret rooms. I tend to run right into stuff without looking ahead which means I save often but I didn't find myself in need of going back to a saved game more than a couple of times even tho I went through much of the level with less than 30% health. There was one surprise room that kinda caught me off guard but that was about it. I basically had enough ammo after finding one of the secrets to finish the map off rather neatly. Your experience may differ than mine depending on your skill level


Playability -  rating: 6    

     Rather predictable at times and fairly linear. I was a little disappointed. Andy has done much better work. One thing he hasn't taken into account is ports. I never use the vanilla executable any longer because Doom and Doom2 won't play with sound in XP. So - when I got to the blue key I was able to simply jump up on the platform and grab it as opposed to actually needing to hit the switch and go to the transporter that is revealed to get up there. I believe MOST everybody plays with ports these days so Andy will probably need to consider that with his next map.


Level Design -  rating: 6

     The map was lacking in detail in the map itself, lighting, etc... It wasn't badly designed, just didn't have that pizzaz that I've come to associate with the newer maps coming out. This one was VERY doom2ish which isn't a bad thing since the original game also lacked any great detail and lighting was used mostly as a way to hide things to get the player with a trap or something. In that respect it was cool and if you enjoy playing maps that remind you of the original then you'll like this. If you are like many people these days who play maps more to see what the author has accomplished then you won't find anything special in this one. It is small, very basic and really nothing to write home to mother about. Again, not bad - just not exciting. I've seen Andy do much better on his designs without spectacular features but just solid map design.


Map 1



































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