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2R_BASE wad for Doom2







Simo Malinen


DM -  doom2

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary




















This level offers plenty of challenges from many directions. Be on your toes as you play this level because bad guys transport at different times in front and behind you so be prepared. You'll definitely need to be able to hear what's going on. There is also a good mixture of badasses in this level from troopers to revenants and mancubuses. Use your weapons wisely and you should get through o.k.
rating: 9



This was one of those rare wads that I simply did not want to stop playing. It is so well put together and so much fun to play that the Doomer in me didn't want to stop till I reached the end.



As with all of Simo's wads - this one is excellent as far as level design goes. Take a look at some of the pictures below to see what he has done in here. The 3d-looking bridge is very cool although it is not an actual 3d bridge that you can walk under. Still, it looks awesome. The author does say in the text file that you shouldn't try to save because the level is simply too large (it's huge), but I ran it under zdoom and saving wasn't any problem. You're probably better off using your favorite port because those overcome Doom2's inherant problems with large levels - long rooms, etc... It can be played with regular Doom2, however - don't die.
Design: 10



I have never been disappointed with anything that Simo has sent me and this is no exception. Load up your favorite port so you can save and start staring in awe at his design abilities but don't be drawn from the action for too long or you'll find yourself dead.
Overall: 9.8














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