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Nova, for Doom2









SP doom2

requires: No specific port



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If you like em hard then you'll love this one. Not only are there tons of badasses to pick off but the level itself is designed to add to the difficulty you will experience as you traverse the Nova world. It wasn't, however, one of those wads that leave you giving up in frustration because it is TOO difficult which is a sign to me of a well designed wad. Of course, it is all relative. What I find to be not too difficult someone else may find incredibly difficult and someone else may find to be a piece of cake. Depends on your skill level I guess. My best recommendation? Let the bad guys fight it out amongst themselves whenever possible and stay the hell out of the way!
rating: 9



Overall the playablility is there but I thought the first problem confronting the player was a little too well hidden. You begin in a dark hallway and walk forward, picking up ammo as you go. As you turn a corner you will see a walkway with a stone border to either side. What isn't so obvious (because its very dark) is that on the right side you must stand in front of the stone wall and click as if a switch were present, which of course it is but it isn't very obvious (thats why I'm telling you its there). Aside from that one complaint I thought the level was very well thought out and fun to play.



Always one of Harry's strong points, he doesn't disappoint in this release for original doom2/zdoom. (You WILL need zdoom for this by the way). I have to give him high points for this wad as there is tons of detail and plenty of little traps to trip you up along the way.
Design: 8



I can heartily recommend this download!
Overall: 8












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