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Horror in the North Sea!






Author(s): Aluqah

SP doom2 (maps 1)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: jstaats


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Authors website





Northsea.wad makes most .wads using Zdoom style (slopes, colored lights, depth in water, etc.) look basically obsolete.


Difficulty: 8
It was only because of so little health. I mean there was decent ammo but it doesn’t matter with out health. I mean going on 30% health is fine but not for like 12 minutes while fighting 2 revenants.

Playability: 6.5
It would be better if I could see. I mean I was using IDBEHOLDL from beginning to end. And the darkness just really threw off everything in the level. Like about 30 seconds into it and I died from a specter pinky because I couldn’t see it. The darkness just drove me crazy!

Design: 9
Very good, an ominous feeling if you will. I mean nothing that has never been done before but it was done quite well. Probably a ten if you have a brighter monitor than mine. It was just to damn dark to see for my screen.

Overall: about 7.8
It was all good except for the darkness. The health might of not been so bad, but with the darkness it just had me doomed. GET IT!

















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