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Neodoom for doom 2 and zdoom








SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download Neodoom


Overall - SCORE: 8.9

This is a very good map. All of the replacements are first rate and there's good action. Take a look!









DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating: 8.5

    With wide open spaces, this map opens the door to a lot of sniping. You can't focus your fire on just one target for too long, else you're going to be surrounded by something nastier real fast. I played this on Hurt Me Plenty and on UV. Not much difference between the two. At the end, you're going to die, regardless. Daniel's placed some very ugly McNasties is this one. Just keep moving and shooting...


Playability -  rating: 8.2

     This level is very reminiscent of level 16 in Doom II, Suburbs. It's very big and spread out so have some spare time in your pocket when you play this. I found myself getting slightly bored at some points because of wandering the large expanses looking for the keys. There's lots of health powerups and ammo to spare (because you will need them). This is one map where having a lot of powerups isn't a bad thing.


Level Design -  rating: 9.2

     Like I said before this map is a lot like Suburbs in Doom II. New building textures, even grafitti and trees. There was even a small park complete with benches. The level was so huge that it had to be split and put back together with NJSPLIT.EXE you're gonna need that to play this. The sprite replacements were pretty cool. The Arachnotrons were replaced by plasma cannon wielding soldiers, Revies are soldiers too. Both are hard to kill. And The CyberDemon replacement is a metallic woman who karate kicks you when you're too close and hurls a very nasty nuclear fireball that blows up like mushroom cloud, showering flames (see photo). I liked this one.











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