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Mitnal- a 3d map for doom 2







Bob Larkin

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: Risen3d or Zdoom

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download the file


Overall - SCORE: 10

Get this wad, download it, and set aside some time with a beer and a shot of Jack. Boy, are you in for it…








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DIFFICULTY RATING  - rating: 10       

     What can I say about Bob, my mentor and long distance friend? What do I say about the one who has taught me some seriously awesome editing tricks, the one who has inspired me into mapping in the first place? He is one sick-assed puppy, damnit and rightfully spoken, if I may say so myself! Mitnal lives up to its dark name, and the action is hairy and taut. This one is NOT for the novice, seasoned Doomers only! SAVE OFTEN and prepare to die a HELLUVA LOT


Playability -  rating: 10      

     From the first chamber to the end-level, Mitnal is a bloodbath (using YOUR blood)! There’s ammo aplenty and more than enough baddies to make you create new cuss words. I have roused my wife from sleep EARLY in the morning because I died a horrible death in this map. You will die---REPEATEDLY---, you will get pissed, you will sweat, and you will be eatin’ up save slots with your progress. This is re-playable simply because of the action. No matter how many times you play this one thru, you’re going to bite the Big One!


Level Design -  rating: 10    

This is Bob Larkin at his best. It took him months (I know this from the huge number of alpha levels he e-mailed me to play test for him) to complete this project and his hard work and sense of intricate detail is flawlessly evident. His knowledge of creating 3d bridges and cages, even walls, is unsurpassed. There weren’t a whole lot of enemies here, but he placed them in all the right spots for optimum pain dispensing. There was even a door where if you stood on it the wrong way, you would be trapped and at the mercy of whatever happened to see you there. That door was the brunt of my many colorful colloquialisms, as I played thru. Mitnal was actually supposed to be the fourth level of Bob’s “Descent Into Hell” project, but he opted not to include it. If this is any preview of what “Descent” is going to be like, HOLY SHIT, MAN! Take a bow, Bob. You’ve earned a nice long rest. You’ve outdone yourself.



















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