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I found this particular wad while going through links. There are 8 levels to this Doom2 wad with the second one being basically a way to force the player to 1% health before beginning the next level. You find yourself suspended in midair with cacodemons fireballing you from all around. When your health reaches 1% you go to the next level. Be ready to fight as you begin level 3 and definitely get behind something! As with any setup that uses dehacked or some other such program - I recommend backing up your Doom2.wad and Doom2.exe just in case. I didn't have any problems but you never know.




I only played the first three levels of this 8 level wad but I have to say, the author (who was only 14 when he created it) keeps it interesting. There is no lack of baddies to kick ass on in this game. Every door, every corner held something new. Although I didn't find it particularly difficult, it was difficult enough that I had to keep my eyes, and ears, open.
rating: 6



I enjoyed my experience in these levels very much! The scenery changes often, puzzles are virtually non-existent, the author going instead for a more straight forward approach to the game by offering up a plentiful mix of bad guys to blast. All in all it was alot of fun to play.




While I did note some design flaws while travelling through these levels, they didn't have an impact on the game and I have to say that the levels were well thought out for the most part and offered enough variety and detail to keep me interested.
Design: 7



Amongst the hundreds of levels that I've played over the years, I would say this one is definitely worth the download. Something on the edge of 4.5 megabytes in size, it takes a little time to download but you'll enjoy some of the new sounds and graphics as well as the new weapons. I found the machine gun to be quite enjoyable! :)
Overall: 6












































































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