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Mandheling Doom 2 wad for Legacy







Minor Sage

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: Legacy

Reviewer: Blue Paladin


Download Mandheling


Overall - SCORE: 5.9

Okay, this is a fair map. But, donít expect too muchÖ


From Bob: This sounds like a PERFECT map for those who are just cutting their teeth on the game so dive in and get your feet wet, Rookies!


The authors Doom site







I recieved an email (apparently the author wasn't happy with this review). He made a good case that it was really designed more for deathmatch than single player and I agreed to notate that here. Here is what he had to say: This is a _deathmatch_ wad. It's not for single player really. It's open so you can't camp - you have to play. You have to run, you have to be fast, because you can be fired on from all around. So, if you don't like it as an SP map, try it in DM!




     Mandheling was easy. I breezed thru this one with a hit or two, no saves needed, and a smattering of ammo for the pelting. There was too much space to maneuver in and too little enemies to go up against.


Playability -  rating: 5

    Well, itís playableÖ just not too RE-playable. UV barely put a twitch in my finger. I was able to circumvent the enemy for the most part and just strolled over to the exit.


Level Design -  rating: 6

     This level reminds a lot of a certain Doom II level called Tenements because of the open spaces, but thatís where the similarities stop. The action was too easy! I got hit a couple of times, but I was able to smoke the baddies with ALL of the weapons made available. Thatís the thing that hurt this map. Why did the author put a Plasma Rifle in a nearly dead map? Thatís like adding a stick of TNT to Plastique! Overkill!

































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