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Malediction for doom2 and zdoom







Eric Buck

aka.. Blue Paladin

SP doom2 (map 1)

requires: Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


Download Malediction


Overall - SCORE: 9

Eric keeps getting better. It's too bad that he is going to be slowed down by school when he returns this January (I don't think he's taking my warnings about how time consuming it is very seriously yet). ;-) This is without a doubt one of the better maps that you are likely to play this year. Have fun and kick some demon ass!


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     Being a Uber Doomer (well, not really, but I'm pretty good), I found this map challenging but not overly difficult. I did get caught out a few times though. Save your game, you may need those save slots!


Playability -  rating: 9

     This is a HUGE map with many secret areas to explore. They are difficult to find but they are there. Look for slightly off textures in the core area in the corners to find them, they will be worth your time. You can expect to spend a fair amount of time in this map and because of the level design, you will be glad you did. Have fun. This is a map you'll want to keep in your repertoire and replay occasionally.


Level Design -  rating: 10

     Unquestionably, this is Eric's finest map yet. It amazes me that this is the same mapper that I had to explain some of the more simple concepts of map making to not all that long ago. This map is the result of hard work and a relentless drive to improve his craft. There are some very cool 3d effects in the map but that isn't even the most amazing stuff. He did some great work with textures and used the slope feature in Zdoom to excellent effect. This is a top quality design the likes of which we simply don't see enough of. Kudos and a big 10 on this one. Great job, Eric!