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Wolfendoom total conversion for Doom2







SP   Doom2

Requires: No Specific Port


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Wolfendoom Homepage























About the file:

Welcome to the Wolfendoom page. There is ONE zip file available for download here. It contains ALL of the WolfenDoom episodes. It is a total of approximately 33 megabytes. If you don't want all of them in one download then you will need to go to the Wolfendoom home page and go through each of the links to 3ddownloads.com - You will also need to go there if you want the Macintosh versions of the wads. I have provided some screenshots from one of the wad replacement -"Escape from Totenhaus" . Included in the zip file are the original Wolfendoom, Second Encounter, Astro and Astro 2, Eisen, Halten, Hunt, Nocturnal Missions, Spear of Destiny, Toten, Rhein and Rhein2 and any upgrades to those. :-) ..... Enjoy!












































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