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Ultimate Simpsons Graphics and Sprites converseion for Zdoom and Doom2






Myk Friedman & Walter Stabosz

SP   Doom2

Requires: Zdoom


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About the file:

Every sprite (except the player) was completely reanimated, including a lot of the still-object sprites. They have the same number of frames as the original DooM2, each with it's own original death sequence which I think you'll find amusing. Heh heh heh...
* the cast *
You: Homer
Player: no modification
 Zombieman: Moe the bartender
 Shotgun guy: Police Chief Wiggum
Heavy weapon dude: Grampa Abraham Simpson
Imp: Ned Flanders Demon: Barney (the drunk guy)
Lost soul: Krusty the Clown flying head
Pain Elemental: TV showing the Krusty the Clown Show, with Itchy & Scratchy
Cacodemon: the guy in the Bee-suit on the Spanish television channel
Hell Knight: Apu, the Quickie-Mart manager
Baron of Hell: Sideshow Bob
Arachnotron: Maggie Simpson
Revenant: Bart Simpson
Mancubus: Willie the Scotsman-groundskeeper at Springfield Elementary
Arch-Vile: Marge Simpson
Spider Mastermind: Cyber-Smithers Tank (Wayland Smithers, Mr. Burns' flunky)
CyberDemon: Robo-Burns Mecha-Suit (Montgomery Burns, Homer's boss)
the Secret Level Nazi-guy: Evil Homer-bot
A lot of the patches and flats have been modified with wacky patterns and colorful psychedelic sequences, as well as some entirely original Simpson art here and there. Although it's somewhat cartoony-looking, I managed to keep the gore motif. Oh, and I got a little lazy after a couple of weeks of alterations, so I threw in a couple of "cheesecake" pics of hot babes on the walls (and one object-sprite). Nothing notty, just a couple of shots of Christina Applegate, the YUMMIEST woman on TV and film in my opinion, and one other woman who I can't identify but she's striking an interesting pose (the sprite is hard to find in the DooM2 levels, but it's all over the master levels). I should warn you that some of the patterns were duplicated over certain types of walls, so those hidden doors may be harder to find! The essential graphics have been altered including the backgrounds between levels and the roll-call at the end of the game, plus a WICKED title screen!!! The status bar is different, complete with lil' Homer heads in the center box. I was afraid to mess with the text. I tried it with the original DooM once, and it messed everything up. Most of the sounds were extracted from the original SimpsonsDooM patch, with the length edited for better game play.










































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