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Teletubbies for Doom







Blank Frank


Sprite replacement

requires:  Doom, any port



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This seems to be a very basic (and I believe probably somewhat old)  sprite replacement for Doom. I'm guessing old because of the fact that it uses batch files for installation and because it also uses deusfx to replace the sprites. This is the way it used to be done back in the day. Thanks to Dr. Von Loon for bringing this one to my attention. I had no idea it was out there.

Anyway, it plays with Doom (not Doom2) and, of course, you can use any map you want with it. So... I decided to use Dethwish (my 9 level sp mod for Doom), using the command line to load it up. This is pretty simple. Once you've installed this replacement, either use the command line to load a new map or maps: zdoom -file whatever.wad

I chose zdoom because of it's ease of installation but you can use whatever port you want.


So, really, that's about it. It's not fancy or anything but if you'd like to set your gun sights on some stupid teletubbies - have at!

















































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