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SP  Doom2

Requires: No Specific Port













About the file:

I received an email from someone looking for this particular tc because he had heard that it kicked a**. Well, you know what - he was right. And in an effort to be the most complete Doom website on the internet, I immediately set to searching for this particular file for the gentleman (cough, cough) who emailed me. It took me like an hour of hard searching (should have used yahoo in the first place dammit!) lol. Anyway, after spending a little quality time with this 32 level monster, I came to the conclusion that this is definitely worth distributing. So here it is! 32 levels, new creatures, textures, sounds and more! You will recognize alot from Doom2 in this but you will see (and hear) alot that is new as well. So don't wait - d/l it now!



  Here is a fix to the original files which apparently are a little buggy with ports. This is what the person who sent this to me had to say in the text file: In ports, there were various "map-bugs" throughout the wad affecting both Single-Player and Multi-Player Co-op games. (For examples, Map07's Exit was non-functional, and Map02's "escape" for Plyrs2+ was blocked.) Now works bug-free on all current ports (tested with Legacy v1.42, ZDoom vers2.0.63a & 2.0.96, and with Skull Tag v0.96c [jDoom, csDoom, etc. remain to be tested]). To play a "proper" game, use 'StrainFix.wad' (replacing 'Strain.wad') with 'Strain_Jive.wad'. The original .DEH file is encoded within the Strain_Jive wad. Fixed by Zorcher @ Doom Connector! :) StrainFix.zip compliled and submitted to the web by WinstonSmith6079.


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