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Sirens Total Conversion for Doom2







SP  Doom2

Requires: Zdoom



Graphics Replacement


Levels to go with it













About the file:

There are actually two wads here which the author asked me to keep separate instead of combining them. The first, Sirens, is the graphics wad with all of the Sirens creatures in it. What is a Siren, you ask? A siren, from Greek Mythology, was a bird with the face of a woman and a song so alluring that no man could resist. Upon coming into contact with the siren, the unfortunate man would then be clawed to death. Who could ask for a better creature to base a Doom2 tc on? eh? There are also succubi (female creature from Hell). Some of the other creatures he's added are the Neophyte, Sorceress, Summoner, Medusoid, Centauress and the Harpy. Obviously this author is heavily into the medevil, mythology thing but I can tell you that it works great and his art work is excellent. This is NOT one of those cheesy x-rated wads that have stupid pictures plastered all over the walls or indefinable sprites that may or may not be naked women in odd positions. Instead, this is a work based on Mythology that had alot of thought put behind it. Yes, the creatures are women, and yes, they are naked, and yes, they look very good but again, not one of those cheesy x-rated things. I think you'll truly enjoy the work put into this, and speaking strictly from a guy perspective - there's nothing like getting your ass kicked by a naked chick - lol


The second wad included here is sirenszd which is 14 levels created specifically for use with the sirens wad. You don't need these 14 levels to play the other and vice versa but they do go together well. I think you'll enjoy playing these levels as you are under constant attack from a seemingly endless supply of sirens and succubi and other mythological creatures.


Either of these files can play separate from the other and I discovered that I could only play the levels (sirenszd) with the latest version of Zdoom available. So if you don't have the latest version, grab it from the link provided in the left column.  Grab the 14 level wad Sirenszd to go with it and have a good time.









































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