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Robodoom Total Conversion for Doom2







SP  Doom2

Requires: Zdoom



Download the file 












About the file:

've got a couple of pics here from the Beta version which is now available. Keep in mind that this is only an Beta. Don't forget to check out the Robodoom home pages. I updated the download file on July 16, 2003
Some notes: Be sure to read the instructions carefully. There are skins for Zdoom included in the download. The level has some of the creatures but not much in the way of decoration yet. There is also a map error that is caused by an open sector. You'll know it when you see it. Never the less - this is worth checking out just so you can see the progress of what is being done. Enjoy!

Update - January 12, 2006

Unfortunately, it looks like this promising TC is going to go unfinished. I retain this file for historical purposes only. It  really doesn't have much in the way of gameplay as it was only just under construction when the team creating it disappeared. If anyone knows of an update to it or what happened to the developers, please email me.




































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