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Phoenix Weapons Conversion for Doom2








SP  Doom2

Requires: Zdoom



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About the file:

While not a total conversion - this is a definite MUST download. Phoenix pulled together weapons and creatures from several different games, created a couple of dehacked patches and sent it all to me. I've put a bunch of screenshots below to show you what he has done! This thing is AWESOME! The new weapons are very cool as are the monsters! Add your favorite level or levels to the batch file and start fragging some very cool new demons with some very cool new weapons! By the way - This is a DOOM WAD STATION EXCLUSIVE! You will not find this patch anywhere else in the world. It requires Zdoom which you can download from my utilities page and Doom2 version 1.9 as well as dehacked. Again, a utility you can find on my utilities page. I used regular Doom2 for the screenies but this should work with any normal Doom2 user created level.








































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