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PA High total conversion for Doom2







SP   Doom2

Requires: No Specific Port


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About the file:

A pretty good re-creation of a school environment where you get to kill shit. What more could you ask for?


PA. High - The author created this incredible partial conversion using his highschool as the map. He left the monsters, sprites, etc... the same but it has a completely new set of textures that really rock! It came out very cool!! New sounds and music made this a really enjoyable wad - Ultra violence was virtually impossible, in fact, I gave up and went to a lower difficulty level, so good luck. Designed for Map01 of Doom2 I playtested it in Doom2 for Dos - Doom2 for Windows and Zdoom and only ran into problems with it in Dos where I received a visiplane error almost immediately. Slider reports that it probably won't run on a 486 but a low end pentium should be fine. I'm running a P2 400 mhz and of course, I had no problems. Good luck and be prepared to restart often - should make a great deathmatch level. Bob










































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